Guinness Draught

Total Score: 7.05/10 Barley1 Coffee1 Smoke1 Nonicpint1

My goodness my Guinness! It’s the beer that started it all for me back when I was 18. Before then beer was Toohey’s or Victoria Bitter and tasted like regurgitated vomit (still does for me in regards to VB). I’ve been holding back on reviewing this since my ancestors are Irish and a piece of me never left Dublin back in 2001 but I feel it’s time to be objective and rate this as it should like every other beer.

Poured from a 440ml nitro can into a 568ml Guinness pint glass. Now I want to make one thing clear: Guinness is at its best when served from a tap, very slightly chilled, in a local pub in Dublin – outside of this, as is the case here, you end up with a shadow of the glory that is Guinness.

A: Deep ruby red body that appears jet black for all intents and purposes. With a 1.5cm white head that leaves rings as it goes down, Guinness has the appearance of a quintessential Irish Stout. 10/10.

S: It’s a very faint smell of roasted chicory, grain and just a hint of caramel. 7/10.

T: Very much in line with the aroma we have a front note of roasted chicory, the barley comes through mid-palate, and finally some bitter coffee back notes. It’s not a big stout for body or flavour though as I’ve always found it easy to put away a pint in two big gulps. 7/10.

M: Watery, much more than I remember it to be from years back… I think somewhere along the line in the last 10-12 years the recipe has changed and as a result the mouthfeel has suffered. Very low on the carbonation scale. 6/10.

D: Still quite easily one of the most drinkable beers on earth. I’ve had many a nights misspent in Irish pubs during my formative years taking down pint after pint till my wallet was sore and I do not regret a single bit of it. Yes it has changed somehow over the years and isn’t as good as it used to be but I still love the “black stuff” [the ABV going down over the years has definitely affected the flavour profile – when I first began drinking Guinness it was 4.8%, then it went down to 4.4%, and now it’s 4.1% – I’m docking it a point overall for this shameless cash saving technique]. 7/10.

Food match: Irish stew, potatoes and indeed Guinness pie goes down a treat too.


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