Matilda Bay Bohemian Pilsner

Total Score: 6.1/10 Lemon1  CutGrass1 Coriander1 Stein1


Time for a Pilsner face-off! Two decent Australian (and one Kiwi!) Pilsner’s battle head to head for my admiration, and much like the famous Highlander catchphrase: “There can be only one!” First cab off the rank is Matilda Bay Bohemian Pilsner.

Poured from a 345ml bottle into a 500ml Stein glass.

A: Clear gold body with a bone white head that began at 1.5cm and dropped to a 0.5cm covering… standard stuff really (although the head from a real Czech Pilsner would retain much better). 6/10.

S: Cut grass hops power through some light crystal malts with a herbaceous hint of what’s to come. Not bad at all. 7/10.

T: The crystal malts are quite feathery and take a back seat to the citrus/cut grass hops. There is a spicy and bitter back note which leaves you high and dry (literally dry!) in expecting something else. Nothing extraordinary here. 6/10.

M: Standard carbonation for a Pilsner – slightly creamy and medium bodied. 5/10.

D: Yeah it’s not bad on a hot day but today is not that day for me (it’s all rainy and miserable outside, a great day for a Pilsner face-off). I’m not getting anything unique out of this brew, even though Matilda Bay are quite known for their beer capers this is not one of them. 6/10.

Food match: I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Czech food (check!).


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