Kozel Cerny

Total Score: 6.35/10 Barley1 Coffee1 Wood1 Stein1

Seeing as how impressed I was with the Kozel Premium in a previous review, today I’m revisiting the dark (or “cerny” which is Czech for “black”) a beer I also bought often in Praha. This is also the first Dark Lager I’ve reviewed, though I have had a few in the past.

Poured from a 500ml bottle into a 500ml Stein glass.

A: The cerny poured well and had about a 3cm tan head before reducing to a 1cm lacing. Body presents as a deep ruby red which is quite nice for this style. 8/10.

S: Roasted barley malts with a dash of floral hops. There is a slight hint of coffee but it’s nowhere near as strong as the Irish stouts. 6/10.

T: Roasted barley/chicory flavour from front to back with coffee bitters as an aftertaste. It has a woodiness to it as well. As far as Dark Lagers go this is borderline porter business here. 7/10.

M: A bit too aggressive with the carbonation, my tongue was starting to go numb (or maybe this beer was too cold?). Too watery as well, though it can be refreshing at times I was hoping for something heavy. 4/10.

D: It’s a good refreshing Dark Lager, maybe not as good as some German ones I’ve tried in Munich but it does go down well on a hot day. Question is which beer will you be grabbing on a hot day; a golden pilsner or a Dark Lager? My money is on the pilsner or other golden Lagers, to me a dark beer is better suited to the winter months (maybe I’m just old fashioned)… that being said it is a decent example of a Dark Lager. 6/10.

Food match: Vegetable soup or beef stew with crusty bread, traditional Czech food (dumplings, sausages, pork and Svickova).


2 thoughts on “Kozel Cerny

  1. Rob says:

    This I found easily forgetable.

    The kostritzer schwarzbier I found enjoyable and something I’d have again.

    Vale Ale dark lager, they call it an American dark lager, I can only assume the American tag relates to it’s upfront hoppiness, quiet a pleasant surprise to the olfactory but after the enjoyable experience of knocking back the first one, for me, becomes unsessionable and regretful that I have another 3 bottles to consume.


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