Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted

Total Score: 8.35/10 Lemon1  Caramel1 Coriander1 Nonicpint1

My first try of the Harviestoun. Never heard of it even though I lived for a time in Scotland… Bitter & Twisted, sounds like my kind of Ale! [Lies, all lies: I DID in fact have the Harviestoun brews many times in the pub I worked in, The Guildford Arms, in Edinburgh many years ago, not sure why I forgot about it… selective amnesia perhaps?]

Poured from a 500ml bottle into a 500ml Stein glass [use a nonic pint].

A: This Ale poured well with a 3cm white head, however it soon sank down to finish at 0.5cm… is there something wrong with the glass I’m using? The body is pleasingly cloudy (evidence of bottle-conditioning), and resembles honey (also pleasing). 6/10.

S: A bouquet of floral hops hit you at first and leave just an ounce of a hint of some grainy malts… mmmm. 8/10.

T: This is a real Ale! Lemon on the front, sweet malt toffee middle followed by a spicy hop finish. The flavour is simple yet delightfully effective. 9/10.

M: Again: this is a real Ale! None of this carbonation guff, we don’t need it, just an Ale doing what it does – cramming your gullet with good old fashioned beer! There is a cloying honey feel to it as well. 8/10.

D: In a word: session! This sort of Ale takes me back to my time in the UK drinking every night in a different pub meeting locals and watching the football on the telly… are my thoughts tinted by an Ale of nostalgia? Of course. Does that mean you would like this beer anymore/less? Depends on the above factors… I would recommend it if you don’t mind an Ale that is flat and bold flavoured, because that’s just how the poms like it. 8/10. Total: 8.35/10.

Food match: I dare say the national food of the UK would go down well with this (i.e. a Curry). The previous national food (Fish and Chips) would also work well.


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