Platinum Blonde

Total Score: 3.5/10 Barley1 CutGrass1Lemon1  PokalStange1

Hmmm, I’m dubious when a Lager is selling 10 x 375ml cans for $15 – that’s almost a dollar per drink (an unholy number in beer circles), but I’m a tight budget which was a deciding factor in this beer review.

Poured from a 375ml can into a 500ml Stein glass.

A: An amber body with a 2cm white head that drops to a thin foam ringing the glass… none too appealing. 5/10.

S: Grainy malts with a cut grass hop background, leading to the expectation of citrus and grain notes. Also present is a hint of metallic tang… no surprises there. 4/10.

T: It’s grainy and malt dominated. The hops are a slight bitter aftertaste and the flavour is reminiscent of the dreaded Pride of Ringwood hops that find their way into all the Australian macro brews *hiss*. I’m not feeling the love and wish I had splashed out on the slightly more expensive Oettinger Pils. 3/10.

M: If there was the beer equivalent of running a lawnmower across your tongue it would be drinking an Australian macro… why oh why do brewers here feel the need to carbonate the **** out of beers I will never know, and this brew is no exception. 3/10.

D: It passes for beer, not by much but I would rather a can of this than a can of the other macros. Should I give it points for being the best of a bad lot? Well I am I guess. Drinkable? If you were stuck in a bar serving VB, Toohey’s new or Carlton Cold, then yeah it is. 4/10.

Food match: Cheap, greasy and nasty… or a Kebab.


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