4 Pines Keller Door Amber Mosaic

Total Score: 7.45/10 Biscuit1 BrownSugar1 Earth1 Nonicpint1

Another 4 Pines Keller Door??? Yeah peeps. Deal. Ok, well this one is a handsome looking American styled Amber Ale, which means taste buds: Expect malt. However the “Mosaic” in the name suggests it might be a bit more than a malt-driven Amber… I would read the label to confirm however I’m far too lazy to do this.

Poured from a 500ml bottle into a nonic pint.

A: Clear copper (because the “amber” in Amber Ale actually means “copper”) body with a frisky half centimetre cream-coloured head. Tasty. 7/10.

S: Not too malt-driven for an Amber. There are notes of toffee, biscuit, earthy and floral hops. I like the biscuit touches, who doesn’t like a good biscuit? Evil people and Persian cats of course (evil people with Persian cats hate biscuits even more – watch out for them). 7/10.

T: Toffee and biscuit forward with a brown sugar mid-palate and an earthy hop finish. The aftertaste has a subtle light warming character, like a good belt of Scotch, but much less warm than that, so not really like a good belt of Scotch at all. This is indeed a solid and fascinating Amber Ale. After a couple sips the hop bitterness says “Hey, I’ve arrived, let’s have scones”, to which I nod pleasingly. 8/10.

M: Medium bodied with a medium carbonation… could do with less of that fizzy business thanks. 5/10.

D: This is quite the mosaic brew then. There were a couple times when I slipped into a Confucian contemplative mood, looking up at the moon, noticing a flower petal floating in a pool of water outside my window, wondering where exactly that water came from, worrying that the drains were leaking, only to refocus to take another sip, i.e. this is a good complex Amber Ale, highly regarded by Doc. Now back to contemplating. 8/10.

Food match: Creamy Thai/Indian dishes or a cheese platter (with creamy not sharp cheeses) are sure-fire winners.


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