Matilda Bay Fat Yak

Total Score: 6.8/10 HopFlower1 Barley1 Caramel1 Nonicpint1

Fat Yak certainly has a reputation of a beer that is much better on tap than from the bottle, I guess I’ll test this theory myself (I’ve had this on tap many times before). Let me say one thing about Matilda Bay: They are pioneers in the Australian craft beer scene – their Redback wheat beer was first brewed in 1986 and Fat Yak is still an occasional purchase of mine.

Poured from a 345ml bottle into a Guinness pint glass.

A: Clear copper body with a white 1cm head that soon fades to a thin lacing ring. 5/10.

S: Front powering floral hops give way to a sweet malty grain, with a hint of caramel. Nothing out of the ordinary here style-wise. 7/10.

T: Sweet and malty with a back note of floral hops. Follows the nose well. The hops are weaker than I remember from the tap version (although it has been a while since I had it on tap and I’ll follow up with a review of the tap version soon for comparison). I think the hops could be a lot more pronounced for a Pale Ale. 7/10.

M: Nice carbonation, not too fizzy, there is body to this Ale however it is well balanced (not too thin, not too heavy). 8/10.

D: This Ale feels to me like an entry level brew for drinkers interested in the Pale Ale style – it’s easy on the hops, the malting is pleasant and not too sweet, it’s a well-balanced affair. I could drink many of these over an evening, so it’s a decent Ale but it falls well short of Little Creatures in the flavour department. 6/10.

Food match: Chow Mein, or any other lighter Asian fare. Pizza; Margherita, Fungi or spinach and feta are all great options.


2 thoughts on “Matilda Bay Fat Yak

  1. Rob says:

    Fat Yak or Anorexic Cow. Im underwhelmed by this brew. Something tells me to give it another try.
    As it stands id choose Coopers Original Pale over the Yak every time.


    • Yeah Fat Yak appears to have changed over the last couple years – it used to be hoppier, I think the new head brewer is skimping on the hops to save $$$

      Shame cause it was a decent drop once upon a time…


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