Matilda Bay Big Helga

Total Score: 6.95/10 Peach1 Malt1 CutGrass1 Stein1

Another Matilda Bay brew, I first had this on recommendation of a customer when I was doing a stint working at a bottleshop (I know – a recommendation from a customer!). This brew is styled as a Munich Helles (German for ‘light’ colour) which is a popular Lager style with a long dry finish.

Poured from a 345ml bottle into a Guinness glass [use a Stein instead].

A: Golden with a slight copper colour to the body. The blonde head began at around 2cm and dissipated to fine lacing. 6/10.

S: There is a sizable stone fruit aroma from the hops, the malt adds a slightly sweet fragrance but obviously is going to be taking a back seat on this ride. 7/10.

T: There’s a rich sweet malt character that surrenders to the stone fruit hops, but the finish is dry and gives off that “one more drink” sensation. It’s not a complex tasting beer by any stretch of the imagination but it works well. As far as it compares to the style; it’s been a while since I’ve had a Helles (last Oktoberfest I believe) but it’s a decent enough imitator. 7/10.

M: A bit light on carbonation from what I was expecting… in fact too light, however I’ve had this beer before and it’s been much fizzier so I’m not sure what happened to this bottle. The body is good however. 5/10.

D: As far as styles go Munich Helles is probably my favourite Lager style. This is a very decent representation of the things I love in a good Helles – dry but hoppy, full bodied with a moreish quality, as such I have in fact rated it (slightly) higher than Fat Yak. This is easy to drink with enough flavour to know it’s not your average Lager, go Matilda Bay! 8/10.

Food match: Seafood is a perfect match for this Lager – calamari, shellfish and lightly battered hoki would go great with Big Helga.


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