Matilda Bay Long Shot

Total Score: 7.8/10 Coffee1 Earth1 HopFlower1 Nonicpint1

Matilda Bay – possibly one of the best Australian breweries. I will have more reviews of their fine brews to come, however I was eying off this fine beverage at the local Murphy’s (Dan), and simply had to try it over its fellow brethren.

Poured from 345ml bottle into a Guinness pint glass.

A: The brew (both head and body) had little fizz… in fact the tan head was almost non-existent… certainly not a bad thing by any stretch of margin though. The body is very deep ruby red presenting as obsidian in most lighting situations. 6/10.

S: Roasted chicory, burnt coffee, and dark chocolate; very inviting indeed! 8/10.

T: Nice! The coffee flavour gives this stoutish Ale an espresso front that holds through the chicory mid-palate and finishes with bitter (oily) hops. As a balance it is well thought out and executed. Also no signs of common macro nastiness (metallic tastes, bad yeast characteristics, pride of ringwood hops…). 8/10.

M: There’s a creamy consistency that all good stouts deliver. Carbonation is balanced, and the quality of the hops brings an oily subtlety to town (and buys it drinks). 7/10.

D: Quite a good drop if you have a comfortable wing-back chair and a toasty fire in the middle of winter, it’s a quaffer in my books: suitable to be drunk in healthy gulps. It’s very similar in taste profile to Sheaf Stout (which was my first review) without the macro nastiness (but slightly more expensive). Could I drink more than a single in one sitting? Hell yes! I do however like full flavoured Ales – so fellow beer lovers who are intimidated by strong Ales beware! (should such a creature exist). 8/10.

Food match: Wood fried pizzas, roast beef/lamb, roast vegetables.


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