Hahn White

Total Score: 3.95/10 Clove1 Bubblegum1 CutGrass1 Stein1

Hahn White: serve with a slice of orange, like the Belgians… no thanks, I like to drink my beer without adulterants, after all it’s not a cocktail. I had the (mis)fortune of being one of the very first people to try this beer when it was introduced in Brisbane back in 2011 and I haven’t really seen it in bottleshops since – an unmitigated disaster? Well I don’t want to spoil it for you… I’m not a spoiler.

Poured from a 330ml bottle into a 500ml Stein glass.

A: An excited white 4cm head that fizzles down to a light 0.5cm lacing. The body itself looks a similar shade/colour to the original Witbier “Hoegaarden”, however the carbonation looks a bit busier and the cloudiness seems artificial (like it was added to the process rather than a natural occurring by-product of the wheat). 6/10.

S: The wheat is first and foremost. Cardamom pods, cloves and a hint of Nutmeg, then classic Witbier aromas follow. It has a sharp odour to it (which may be due to the ingredients added on a macro scale). 6/10.

T: There are hints of cloves and a slight typical wheat “bubblegum” flavour upfront that let you know that this is a Belgian style Witbier, however the back end of the palate and the aftertaste is distinctly that of a typical Australian macro Lager (why Hahn? Why?). It’s like being given a glimpse of the Garden of Eden only to have a backdrop collapse revealing a fake sound stage… disappointing. 3/10.

M: Also disappointing is the light body and fizzy over-carbonation that we’ve come to expect from all the macro Aussie brewers. 3/10.

D: I’m overall disappointed, but I’m also encouraged that at least the big brewers in Australia are starting to change their ways from brewing just Lagers that they advertise as bitters. It still goes down a helluva lot better than most macros (CUB, Toohey’s, XXXX, etc…), so I give them credit for at least trying. If they could take the time to give it some love they might actually be on to something here. 4/10.

Food match: BBQ meats, garden/Greek salads, Chorizo.


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