Royal Dutch Post Horn

Total Score: 2.65/10Barley1 Bread1 CutGrass1 PokalStange1

Bought for a suspiciously cheap price at the local bottle-o ($11 for a six pack). The label says best before 05/2011 which is a bit suss for a macro-brewed Lager (they usually don’t, in my experience, age well). Of course now I generally avoid beers out of date, even though the greatest enemy of beer is UV light, the flavours will change over time (i.e. beers don’t cellar indefinitely).

Poured into a clay Pilsner Urquell 400ml chalice [we use a Pokal for this style of brew].

A: The body was a slightly coppery gold colour while pouring into the vessel. The off-white head started out at about 3cm and dissipated to almost nothing. 3/10.

S: A curious mixture of bread with grains and a slight smell of grassy hops. Not inviting, but also not bad at all. It actually smells like walking into one of those classic outback pubs where there is nothing else on tap apart from a few macro Aussie Lagers. 5/10.

T: Sour or soured? I’m not sure when I taste this if the beer is off or not (it tastes borderline off). There is the classic macro Lager taste (Sweet malt grains followed by a sharp hop bitterness) however the sour note is off-putting and I’m not even sure if it was intentional. 2/10.

M: This beer exhibits typical Lager fizz with a watery mouthfeel. 2/10.

D: Not drinkable to me because that strange sour note (which I’ve never experienced before in a Lager and hope to never experience again). This beer made me wish I had bought a six pack of VB, I soon banish the thought but it’s clear that I won’t be drinking this stuff again. If I was dying in the Sahara desert and had to choose between a bottle of this and my own urine I would probably consider the urine for at least a moment before begrudgingly drinking the bottle of Post Horn. 2/10.

Food match: Steak with lots of BBQ sauce and chilli-fries.


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