Coopers Dark Ale

Total Score: 5.4/10 Malt1 Bread1 Earth1 Nonicpint1

This is the black sheep of the Cooper’s line of Ales (no pun intended). It’s not easy to get and is generally glossed over by regular Cooper’s pundits, however I thought I would give it a go.

Poured from 375ml stubbie into a Guinness pint glass.

A: The Ale fizzed a bit on opening (must have been shook beforehand). A 4cm tan head dropped to almost nothing. The body is a deep earthy brown… perhaps an earthy Ale taste will follow. 4/10.

S: Hmmm, interesting aroma – promises of toasted biscuit from the malted barley, baker’s yeast with grassy hops, but the malt is ever present. 6/10.

T: All of the above; toasted malt dominates the flavour, with a light sourdough mid-palate (classic Cooper’s bottle-conditioned yeast) and a finish with some grassy hops… very earthy (toasted earth that is). 6/10.

M: Biggest letdown for this Ale; it’s thin and overly carbonated… apart from said minor qualm everything else is pretty good. 3/10.

D: This is an Ale that could do with a more intense flavour. The taste itself is good, however the wateriness and low ABV lets it down when this Ale could be a real winner. I did find as I let the Ale warm a bit towards the end that the flavour became more intense – I’ll take note for when I crack open another. 5/10.

Food match: Meat pie with mushy peas (classic Australian fare!).


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