Stella Artois

Total Score: 5.95/10 Malt1 CutGrass1 Barley1 PokalStange1

I wonder if Stella conjures up a myriad of pop culture references for anyone else like it does for me (Streetcar named desire, Seinfeld, The Simpsons). Every time I get this beer at the pub I have to restrain myself from letting out a loud “STELLLLLA!” lucky for me I don’t drink it that often.

This 330ml bottle was poured into a tulip shaped pint glass (yeah yeah I don’t have a Pokal vessel yet – now, 3 years later, I do have one, nay several Pokals, Stanges and Steins!).

A: The body presents a typical Lager hue of gold and yellow. The white head began at around 2cm and ended at 0.2cm with minimal lacing – no I didn’t actually physically measure it, these figures are approximates. 5/10.

S: Sweet malt with a bit of cut grass – no surprises. I’m also picking up an aspect of grain too. 6/10.

T: Bold notes of full sweet malts backed up by grain characters. There is very little hints of hops apart from a slight bitterness overall (nor should there be in a Lager – take note Aussie brewers!). The malts completely dominate this beer in triumphant fashion. 6/10.

M: Lighter on carbonation than Australian Lagers – I would say as far as carbonation goes this beer is spot on for its style. It’s bordering on being watery but hey it’s a Lager so I’m not going to deduct points there. 6/10

D: Very drinkable as far as Lagers go for me; possibly my least favourite style due to the amount of bad Lagers I’ve had – Australia is notorious as the world capital of rubbish Lagers *cough*VB*cough*. On that note I was concerned when I read that this beer was brewed at Fosters *boo-hiss* but it still tastes as the Belgian original does. Top marks! 6/10.

Food match: Roast pork, roast chicken or a casserole dish. As for vegetarians: fried potatoes, green beans and tofurkey.


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