Murphy’s Irish Stout

Total Score: 5.45/10 Barley1  Coffee1 Chocolate1 Nonicpint1

Murphy’s Irish Stout or “the Guinness of Cork” is one of the main rivals to the classic Guinness Dry Irish Stout (the other being Beamish). Guinness was itself for many years my beer of choice at the pub [this was about 13 years ago now, yikes!], so let’s give Murphy’s another look (I did drink it in Cork many years ago).

Poured from a 500ml nitro-can into a 500ml “mini” Stein glass (yeah, yeah, I need to get a traditional pub pint glass already) [now have a nonic pint].

A: Deep dark ruby (yes Irish Stouts are actually ruby coloured – they just look black), poured a perfect 1.5cm white head that leaves rings to the glass as I drink – a perfect looking Dry Irish Stout. 8/10.

S: Roasted Barley, espresso coffee and a certain sweetness – I would dare say smells like raw sugar, but of course there is no added sugar to this product. I’m not getting any typical Macro brewery “metallic” odours, which is great. 7/10.

T: Roasted Barley and a coffee flavour are the big winners here. Perhaps also a hint of Chocolate. The sweetness is present, as is the Macro metallic tang (disappointing, but it could be from the can). The major letdown (and I’m not sure if they have changed their recipe or my tastebuds have just gotten old) is how watery this beer tastes. 5/10.

M: Everything is normal in this department except how watery this Ale is… goes down without a fight one might say. One thing I do really like about this beer is the nitro-can. Why aren’t there more nitro-cans out there? I think it makes a huge improvement over other beers in both the appearance and the mouthfeel and I can’t wait till more brewers start packaging this way. 4/10.

D: Extremely drinkable – mostly due to the watery nature of the beverage, however it is nonetheless also its downfall in my eyes – I don’t want a beer that is no challenge to drink. I like it when my tastebuds go on a journey. If I want water I just drink it from a tap. This is one I would class as a session beer. 5/10.

Food match: Meat pie, stews, casseroles or bangers and mash (with a nice heavy gravy).


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