Kozel Premium

Total Score: 6.75/10 Lemon1 Malt1 Coriander1 PokalStange1

Kozel! This takes me back to Praha: where the women are stunning and beer is cheaper than soft drink! Makes me wonder why I ever left…

Anyway, enough reminiscing, this lovely Pilsner was poured from a 500ml bottle into a 500ml Stein [the correct glass is a Pokal which is the cylindrical vessel pictured above].

A: 2cm head dissipates to a half cm froth (remarkable as few beers actually retain their head like this). The head itself is a pleasing bone white, whilst the body is a nice amber. 6/10.

S: Cut grass, with a malty tone thanks to the crystal malts. Not much else to say – if you want a classic Pilsner go to the Czech Republic – they invented the style and they make enough of it to sate a population of beer drinkers (largest per capita beer drinkers in the world and you can see why). 7/10.

T: Sweet, more so than most beers of this style, with citrus overtones and a nice sharp bitterness (from the Saaz hops) in the finish – classic Pilsner flavours here. The malts also dominate, but in a good way. 7/10.

M: Fairly carbonated, but again completely within the boundaries of the style. Not watery, but not sticky either – this is a well-balanced beer with a slightly dry aftertaste. 5/10.

D: Yes please! I can (and did) drink quite a few of these, there’s nothing to really fault for this beer and it ranks among the favourites I had in the Czech Republic (along with Staropramen, Krušovice and the mighty Krakonos!). 7/10.

Food match: Czech food always goes well – roasted pork, dumplings, paprika, goulash and pickles… closer to home; Thai or Indonesian cuisine is my pick.


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