Bavaria Pilsner

Total Score: 4.1/10 Lemon1 GreenApple1 CutGrass1 Stein1

Huh, a Dutch beer called Bavaria – does anyone else find this strange or is it just me? Looking back on this one I realise now the difference between a German and Czech Pilsner, however this beer is still more of a typical Euro Lager, and an alright one at that (don’t let the score fool you – I’m not a big Lager fan).

Poured from a 500ml can into a 500ml “mini” Stein glass (my DAB Stein actually).

A: Looks like a beer: check! Seriously though, the beer is golden with a slight yellow tinge. The 2cm (that’s almost an inch to our American/British readers) head dissipated so quickly I couldn’t have timed it. Oh well – points off for that. 4/10.

S: Smells like beer: check! (yeah I’m gonna quit doing that). It actually smells like your typical Pilsen style – cut grass, apple trees and a tiny hint of citrus. Not sure if I’m also detecting the classic macro brewery metallic tinge (I don’t have the best sense of smell unfortunately). 5/10.

T: Huh, smells like a Pilsner and tastes like a Lager – what’s going on there Mr. Bavaria? Malts with a slight hop bitterness, i.e. typical Lager flavours. I’m drinking it at about 5 Celsius (that’s around 41 Fahrenheit to our American/British readers) which means if I don’t drink it soon it’s going to start tasting crap (another Lager characteristic!). A touch too sweet for my liking, “Please sir, can I have more Hops?” oh well tis a cheap beer. 4/10.

M: As I mentioned in my previous review (Sheaf Stout) I happen to like beers that aren’t overly carbonated but this is ridiculous! I’ve only been drinking it for about 10 mins and its flat already, what is going on Mr. Bavaria – if you’re going to make a Pilsner that tastes like a Lager the least you could do is make it a little fizzy! Apart from this quirk it goes down easily. 3/10.

D: Hmmm, I dunno about beers that smell like one style and taste like a different style – it’s false advertising. Apart from that if I was a Lager drinker I would be right as rain, however I am not a big fan of the style. I’ll finish the beer and then I’m afraid Mr. Bavaria we shall have to part ways. But for those who like a reasonably (ahem *cheap*) priced Lager then look no further than this. Perhaps shake the can a little bit before serving. 4/10.

Food match: Hamburgers, Hot dogs and other fast foods… if you’re buying a beer like this I wouldn’t recommend spending big on a lavish meal.


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